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Peer into Google data centers

By Jon Gold – The tech world has long speculated on the amount of computing power that it must take to run a network of web services as titanic as Google’s, but the company has always been famously paranoid about preserving the secrecy of its facilities – until now. The search giant has just released an illuminating series of photographs from within its data centers. more> http://tinyurl.com/8rfxm85


Alcatel-Lucent brings 40G to the core

Aerial view of Bell Labs Holmdel Complex. The ...

Aerial view of Bell Labs Holmdel Complex. The Bell Labs building in Holmdel is an architectural heirloom, designed by renowned architect Eero Saarinen, with a proud and distinguished history. For 44 years it was the home of an advanced research lab owned successively by Bell Telephone, AT&T, Lucent, and Alcatel.
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By Jim Duffy – Alcatel-Lucent this week at Interop will flesh out its data center fabric vision with 40G Ethernetand higher-density 10G Ethernet capabilities on its core switches, as well as enhanced software for its top-of-rack and core switches.

The extensions to Alcatel-Lucent‘s Application Fluent Networking (AFN) strategy are intended to offer users a low latency, multipath network with which to establish multi-site private clouds and connect to public clouds offered by service providers. In this endeavor, Alcatel-Lucent’s AFN will go up against fabrics like Cisco‘s FabricPath and CloudVerse, Juniper’s QFabric, Brocade’s Brocade One and Cloudplex, and HP’s FlexNetwork. more> http://tinyurl.com/ch7md5q

Figuring out the data center fabric maze

Data Center

Data Center (Photo credit: s_w_ellis)

By Jim Duffy – Despite vendor pledges to support existing or developing industry standards, users are expected to deploy single-vendor data center and cloud switching fabrics from their primary suppliers.

Standards such as Transparent Interconnect of Lots of Links (TRILL), Shortest Path Bridging and Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation will be embraced by those vendors looking to dent Cisco‘s dominance in data center switching.

The standards support will soothe customers looking to avoid vendor lock-in, but it’s unlikely IT shops will mix and match multivendor switches within and between data centers. more> http://is.gd/yxxBJY

Telecom Exchange 2012 – June 27th in NYC

English: Lower Manhattan

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Jaymie Scotto & Associates2012 Telecom Exchange will be held June 27th at Cipriani Wall Street in Manhattan.

Telecom Exchange is an annual industry networking event designed to increase delegates’ ROI by offering face-to-face meetings and a neutral, exhibit hall environment.  The event is attended by the data center and colocation facility operators as well as the local and global network operators that have connectivity within these key facilities.   Telecom Exchange offers a directory and an online meeting system, DealCenter, to help navigate attendees to other network operators who are one cross-connect away from doing business.  All meetings pre-planned through the DealCenter are held on-site at Telecom Exchange.

“The combination of the neutral exhibitor floor and one-on-one meetings provides equal opportunities for small and large companies, ” states Jaymie Scotto Cutaia, CEO and Founder of Jaymie Scotto & Associates and DealCenter, LLC. “With the support of DealCenter, an online system that lists and sorts attendees by name, company, service, and available interconnection points, Telecom Exchange empowers participants to focus on generating qualified business opportunities.”

Sponsorship and exhibit opportunities are still available, on a first-come, first-serve basis. To learn more about sponsorship packages and exhibition space, contact Lauren Sauer at info@thetelecomexchange.com or visit www.thetelecomexchange.com. ♦

IBM illuminates solar power system aimed at data centers

By Michael Cooney – IBM is rolling out a solar-power array system designed to run high-voltage data centers.

IBM has installed the first iteration of the system on the 6,000 square-feet of rooftop of its India Software Lab in Bangalore. The solar array is capable of providing a 50-kilowatt supply of electricity for up to 330 days a year, for an average of five hours a day. more> http://is.gd/aqflT9

Fabric wars: Cisco vs. Brocade vs. Juniper

Switched fabric

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By Jim Duffy – The past three years have been very noisy on the data center fabric and architecture front. Every quarter seems to bring about a new convergence blueprint from another vendor – and a variety from one or two.

Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) is being pushed hard by Cisco. It consolidates server adapter ports by tunneling FCoE instead of requiring a separate Fibre Channel network.

Brocade has some FCoE products but is not as bullish as Cisco on the technology. That’s because Brocade has the lion’s share of the Fibre Channel SAN market – it would lose Fibre Channel revenue to Cisco.

Juniper‘s QFabric seeks to flatten and simplify data center networks to accommodate growth of devices and applications, virtualized servers and storage, and cloud-enabled on-demand access to virtualized pools of IT resources. more> http://is.gd/MkPxbw

Are you ready for networking in the cloud?

Cloud computing icon

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By Jim Metzler – Recently, cloud service providers have begun offering a new class of solutions, which have historically been provided by the IT infrastructure group. In addition to the communications and collaboration, this includes network and application optimization, security, management and virtualized desktops.

We’re calling this new class of solutions Cloud Networking Services (CNS). The introduction of CNS presents the IT infrastructure group with a new challenge. more> http://is.gd/6YR1lM