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The GOP and voter anger

By Mike MalesPresident Barack Obama’s lackluster, let’s-work-together performance in Wednesday (Oct 3) night’s presidential debate stoked the fears of his liberal backers that Democrats simply won’t fight for them the way Republicans relentlessly battle for their wealthier, aging, corporate constituents.

This campaign showcases the GOP’s ability to feed the anger of a large chunk of aging white Americans whose presumption of “exceptionalism” in citizenship and nationality is now being challenged by claims of equality for younger, multiracial, immigrant and “non-traditional” Americans – as represented by Obama himself. more> http://tinyurl.com/95pgwgu


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Republicans fear rough primary could cost them the House and the Senate

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By Josh Lederman and Cameron Joseph – Republicans are worried the long, drawn-out presidential primary could cost them the House and the Senate.

For months, Republicans had been bullish about their prospects for widening their margin in the House and picking off Democratic senators. But some are now questioning whether they could be done in if Mitt Romney limps out of the primary a severely weakened nominee.

“You almost have a reliving of the Civil War going on in the Republican Party right now,” said Craig Smith, a speechwriter in the Ford and first Bush administrations. more> http://tinyurl.com/89b25lq


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