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Paris tackles rudeness to tourists with new manual

Reuters – One of the world’s most visited cities but also famous for its rudeness, Paris has embarked on a campaign to improve its reputation and better cater to the needs of tourists.

France is the world’s top destination for foreign tourists, with Paris visited by 29 million people last year. The business tourists bring to hotels, restaurants and museums accounts for one in 10 jobs in the region and is a welcome boost to the economy at a time of depressed domestic consumption. more> http://tinyurl.com/o6jvggg


Broadband an ‘excuse’ to build overhead cables in national parks

By Louise Gray – The Growth and Infrastructure Bill, due to pass through the House of Lords this week, is designed to kick-start the economy by making it easier to build roads, rail and warehouses in the countryside.

Clause 8 removes the need for developers to seek approval from the relevant National Park Authority before building.

Lord Deben, a former Secretary of State for the Environment, said it will allow developers to put up ugly overhead cables in places like the Lake District without appropriate scrutiny. more> http://tinyurl.com/adg8uq4


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Europe’s Austerity Mirage

By Jean-Paul Fitoussi – THE way the Greeks and their government have been treated tells us a great deal about the way Europe is structured and the dangers that beset it. The technocratic leaders of Greece have lost the confidence of the people, who are rioting because the conditions attached to help from the rest of Europe are so stringent that Greece would be better off in the future without such “assistance.”

This is unfortunate because Europe has much better policy options. The crisis in Europe is more the consequence of an unbalanced Constitution than of an economic problem. In a nutshell, in Europe national debts are the responsibility of member nations, but the common currency is without a sovereign. more> http://is.gd/2g97uU


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