Leadership & Curiosity

By Mike Myatt – Among many other things, curiosity helps frame vision, advances learning, fuels passion, and drives innovation. Curiosity often inspires the courage to discuss the undiscussable, challenge current thinking, deviate from behaviors accepted as normal, and to do what others previously thought impossible. The best leaders understand that usual and customary are not necessarily synonymous with healthy and thriving.

It was Socrates who said: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” When was the last time you did some serious self-examination on how your curiosity, or the lack thereof, is impacting your ability to function as a leader?

  • Are you making a difference?
  • Are you growing?
  • Is your curiosity starting conversations, or your lack thereof shutting them down?
  • Is your curiosity attracting talent, or your lack thereof chasing it away?

more> http://is.gd/GdMkLA

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